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The organisation belongs to the Badabadagu style of Yakshagana among the three different styles -Thenku, Badagu (Kundapura style) and Badabadagu (Uttara Kannada style) styles. However the organisation has incorporated best practises from the other forms of Yakshagana.

The contemporary Yakshagana prasangas became monotonous, leading to tiring out of the mind. This made Mr.Kondadakuli, founder of the organisation, to build a Mela. The vision in his mind was clear, the Mela would only perform the diverse and evergreen Hindu mythological prasangas. Thus formed the charitable trust Purnachandra Yakshakala Prathisthana Kondadakuli (R) Kumbhashi.
His Holiness Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji of Sri Ramachandrapura Mata has inagurated the Prathisthana and blessed the organisation with Suvarna Manthrakshatha. Since inception, the organisation is heading in the direction of the founder's vision with Rajaashraya and support from Sri Mata, which has a tradition of Raja Sanyasa.

An Experiment
The art also should get refined with time, an experiment was done in this drection by the organisation. Traditionally the Yakshagana is performed from dusk to dawn. To bring this period down the prolonged prasangas were cut short retaining the crux and the significant parts of the prasanga without causing any damage to the storyline and moral values of the prasanga. The advantages by this experiment include Time saving, interesting plots, reduced expenditure among others.
This novel innovation got a huge support and acceptance from Yakshagana rasikas all over India. From the past three years the organisation has been performing this art successfully in Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai and at other places.

1)Prasanga: Part of a larger story which is complete in itself. 
2)Mela: A troupe.

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