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Purnachandra Yakshakala Prathisthana Kondadakuli (R) Kumbhashi, an institution for performing 'Yakshagana' based on the Hindu mythology, was inagurated and blessed by His Holiness Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji, Sri Ramachandrapura Mata. Mr. Kondadakuli Ramachandra Hegde, founder of the institution, is himself an eminent Yakshagana artist.
The institute is focused mainly on performing and uplift of the Yakshagana, which is inching towards extinction, and spreading the moral messages of the ancient Hindu scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bagavatha etc. Traditionally, the art of Yakshagana is performed by the male artists, this institution has started an adjunct institution 'Mahila Yakshagana Thalamaddale' for women Yakshagana artists. Other than this, the institute is involved in encouraging young budding artists by training and offering them an opportunity to perform Yakshagana.

1)Yakshagana: A form of dance involving all aspects of Sage Bharatha's 'Natya Sashthra'. The dance performance cheifly invloves enacting of Hindu Mythological stories. The Yakshagana is embellished by unique and colourful dressing style, dance and gesticulation along with dialogue delivery by a Yakshagana artist. Delightful singing by a 'Bagavatha' and the rhythm of percussion instruments thala, Maddale and Chende add to the splendor of Yakshagana.
2)Thalamaddale:A form of Yakshagana, devoid of dance and coulouful dressing and involving chiefly dialogue delivery by the performers. Performers usually sit in a circular formation and conduct the Thalamaddale.

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