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It is true that an artist is a King at the Stage, but in real life he is a handmaid. Rich, yet unfortunate is the art of Yakshagana neglected even by the Government and deprived of it's aid. Due to this reason life of a Yakshagana artist is miserable. Only the Yakshagana Rasikas or the Yakshagana art lovers are the assets for an artist.
                Even with all these difficulties, the Organisation has a herculean intention of providing life long support to all Yakshagana artists. Though how it is not be possible to carpet whole of the World and we put our shoes on to protect ourselves from stones and nails, we desire, atleast, to provide an emolument of atleast Rs 5000.00 lifelong to all the thirteen artists of the organisation. We hereby kindly request your moral and monetary help to save the art and the artist.
In this regard you can send us Check/DD to the following account:

Bank Account Number: 4070

Purnachandra Yakshakala Prathisthana Kondadakuli (R)
Karnataka Bank, Kumbashi, Kundapura
Udupi District, Karnataka


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